New to Auctions?

New to Auctions Preview

If you have never been to an auction before, and are considering buying or selling, then we are here to help! If you give us a call, or come and visit us, we will explain and talk you through the whole auction process, and make it as easy as possible for you.  Our Auction office is open MORNINGS Monday to Friday. Call us on 01793 861000.

First Time Selling?!

If you have never sold at auction before, we will hold your hand every step of the way, and see you through the auction process in a very transparent way. If you click on our “Guide to Selling” tab at the top, this outlines all the questions that you may have – if not – give us a call, and we will explain anything you are unsure of, or any terminology you may not have come across!

First Time Buying?!

If you want to buy at auction, here are a few pointers in case you have never stepped into an auction house before!

We have monthly auction sales, usually held on Tuesdays & Wednesdays. The Auction rooms are open for public viewing on three days before the sale. (see catalogue for opening times) There is unlimited free parking, a coffee shop, loos, and plenty of seating. You can park outside the salerooms and then can purchase a catalogue at reception – let us know you are new to auctions and we will show you around. You can then walk round the three salerooms, looking at all the “Lots” on offer. We do not buy in goods -  we sell at auction the lots on behalf of the many vendors we act for each month – and act as their agents. Kidson-Trigg are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors & Auctioneers and we are strictly governed by their code of conduct. All monies are protected in a ring fenced clients account.

The catalogue shows a lot number, a description, and an estimated price. We are not authorised to disclose whether there is a “reserve” price on the lot ( this means the minimum we have agreed with the vendor that we would not sell below). However, if there is a reserve, it will be the lower end of the estimate published. So the estimate is always a good guide.

When it comes to buying – you can do this in four ways:

(Note that a Buyers Premium of  22.8% inclusive of VAT is added on to the hammer price.)

  1. In person in the auction room – all you need to do is register at the reception desk for a bidding number. You will need ID. Then after you have put your hand up to the auctioneer to bid for an item(s), then you go to the office, pay for your lot(s), then the auction room porters will let you have your lot(s) once they have seen your receipt.
  2. If you cannot attend in person – you can leave an “absentee or Commission bid”. This means the auctioneer will bid for you and buy it as cheaply as possible for you. You simply fill in a form, with the maximum price that you would be prepared to pay for an item, (i.e. if you have left a commission bid of £300 on a chair, and the last bid in the auction room is £220, you will get it for £240, i.e. the next bid).
  3. You can bid ONLINE! – if you go to the website you can sign up and register to do online bidding. This carries an extra 3% surcharge for the service. All the terms and conditions are on their website.
  4. You can arrange to bid over the TELEPHONE on certain higher value lots at the discretion of the auctioneer.

Your card details are required as security for your bids. You may choose to pay by a different method if your bids are successful; card details will only be used to make payment by the due date if there is any default by you to do so.

A few common blunders:

Can you buy part of a lot on offer?

No! the reason items are lotted up together in one lot, is to try and clear them to sell! Often they will be part of a house clearance or the only lots a vendor has to sell, and to enable us to sell them, they have to be lotted up together.  We will not re-offer part lots for re-sale!

Can you leave items behind that you do not want?

No! it is very expensive handling items – and storage charges will be incurred if you leave items behind. We cannot “dump” unwanted items. We are not licenced to handle waste. We will however offer any reasonable items that will sell, for charity, in a future month's sale as part of a big charity lot.