Whether you have one item to sell , or a whole house clearance, we will be delighted to help and offer our services.

What do I do if I have items to sell?

  • Either Telephone us to discuss your items 01793 861000
  • Or E-mail us (& e-mail images)

How do I know if my items are worth selling?

We have a very experienced team - they will always advise you over the phone, e-mail or in person, the type of items that do and don’t sell at auction. There are certain laws which prevent auctioneers from selling certain items – for example absence of fire regulation labels and electrical appliances. By the very nature of “fashion” and trends, some items are worth putting through an auction – others are not. We know what does and does not attract bids every month and therefore generally what is and isn’t saleable.

Can I get free valuations?

All pre-sale valuations are free and without obligation. We have a team of valuers and auctioneers who will advise you on the value of your items. We have regular valuation days – on Tuesdays in the saleroom - see date on Right. You are welcome to e-mail images for a free valuation to

What do I do about transporting goods?

If you have furniture to move, or indeed whole house clearances, we can recommend reliable and competitive local and international hauliers. You can then liaise/get quotes with them direct to bring items to the auction rooms. Telephone us before turning up with a lorry, so we have made arrangements.

JCW Services: 07909 813070, The Man with a Van, 01793 772 888

When can items be brought/delivered to the auction rooms?

- AFTERNOONS we are closed at 2pm, as our team our out on visits.
- By appointment – for delivery of Large items; house clearances/lorry of furniture – phone us so we can make sure it is convenient – i.e. we have prepared a space in our storage/we have porters on hand/and it is not the middle of saleday!
- Entries for our monthly sales close approx. 2 weeks before each sale, however, we are generally able to accept items as we are continuously cataloguing for the forthcoming auctions

Why sell at Kidson-Trigg auctions – and how will my goods be marketed?

Kidson-Trigg make sure your goods will be marketed to the widest possible audience hence ensuring they will reach the best possible price. With the online bidding service we offer – there is now a global reach to international buyers around the world. Potential buyers register not only on our own specialist database but with our online providers “”. Collectors can receive e-mails to match their search requirements. So for example - collectors of violins, will be notified by e-mail if we have violins in a forthcoming sale. We also advertise in the Local and Trade Press. Items will be displayed in our salerooms in showroom format on the public viewing days on the Sunday morning, Monday and Tuesday prior to saleday.

What do I do if my items do not sell?

We will always try your items in a couple of sales. We ask you as the Vendor to telephone us after the sale for your results. We will recommend either putting a lower estimate on the item, grouping not sold items together for a future sale. Or to collect the items (promptly – as our storage is very limited)

What will I be charged to sell my goods?

From the moment you leave your goods in our charge until they leave our salerooms, your goods will undergo various administrative processes. They will be labelled, receipted and stored until the sale. They will be taken out of store and photographed, lotted, researched, catalogued, typed and entered for both our printed catalogue, and the online and fully illustrated web version. Marketed in the local, trade and online magazines and newspapers; and sent to local and international potential clients by hard copy catalogues or online e-mail alert searches specifically matching up collectors with their requirements. The Charges for providing this service is as follows:

Selling - Charges (subject to VAT)

Full details on the entry forms

  • £5 per lot entry fee , covering photography, lotting, cataloguing (on all lots sold or not sold) (£6 including vat)
  • £5 internet fee per lot (this covers online charges) (on all lots sold or not sold) (£6 including vat)
  • 15% Commission ON HAMMER PRICE
  • 1.5%. OF HAMMER PRICE- Insurance (indemnity to cover loss, damage, fire etc)

so if an item sells for £100, you see back £69.20

When will I receive my money?

Payment,: pay straight into your bank account, within 14-21 WORKING days (approx 2 to 3 weeks after the sale), subject to receipt of payment by the purchasers

Terms and Conditions for Selling

Information, terms and conditions under which goods are accepted for sale by auction: please see our entry form below with full terms: